Broad Backgrounds: Current News Sources


Owned by the Dow Jones Company, it searches across U.S. and world news sources, business information,news transcripts, translated news, some trade publications, and more.

NOTE: For best results, be sure to change date defaults before you search; be sure to resort by relevance once your results display. HARVARD KEY

Nexis Uni

A large database used primarily for news (U.S. and the world), from c. 1980-present.  Also has legal, business, and country information sub-collections. HARVARD KEY

BBC Monitoring: International Reports

A division of the BBC World Service, it monitors, analyzes and translates news and media content from around the world. Coverage is from c. 2001 - present.

In round-the-clock monitoring of radio, TV, press, internet and news agency sources, BBC Monitoring  provides reliable coverage of political, economic, security and media news. Reports are translated into English from more than 100 languages, showing not only what the media are reporting but how they are telling the story

NOTE: Access via Nexis Uni. Use the Guided Search option; select Publication and then enter BBC Monitoring into the appropriate search box that displays. HARVARD KEY

Deep(er) Backgrounds: Some Options

*CRS Reports

The Congressional Research Service is a division of the Library of Congress and works to provide issue and legislative briefs  usually between 3 and 50 pages, updated frequently. Foreign policy is well-covered.

The Economist (magazine) HARVARD KEY

EIU Country Reports

This database, produced by the Economist Intelligence Unit, provides country profiles and data. Regularly updated briefs identify and evaluate such topics as political shifts, economy, risk, regulation, and the business environment. HARVARD KEY

Foreign Affairs (magazine)

Browse or search across issues from 1922-present. HARVARD KEY

*FP: Foreign Policy (magazine)

From this link, Harvard provides you full-text access to current issues of this important magazine, its print archive back to 1970, and extras, like podcasts and newsletters. HARVARD KEY

NOTE: FP Insider Access is not part of our institutional subscription.

Project Syndicate

Calling itself "the world's opinion page," Project Syndicate produces and delivers original, high-quality commentaries to a global audience. Its contributions come from prominent political leaders, policymakers, scholars, business leaders, and civic activists from around the world.

Did You Know?

As well as providing you with big and important databases of news, like those described above, the Harvard Library also offers students free subscriptions to the following major U.S. newspapers. Claim your accounts for access to:


Zotero: Citations Made Easy

Make a small time investment this term in learning Zotero, a software program for collecting and organizing, your research sources in one place and for creating bibliographies in whatever citation style you're asked to use.  

A guide to downloading and installing Zotero is here:

Zotero classes (online or in person) are listed on the Harvard Library Events Calendar.



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