This guide lists electronic and print periodical indexes for Latin American studies. The indexes of first resort for Latin American studies are usually the Handbook of Latin American studies and HAPI, Hispanic American periodicals index in the adjoining box. Many other indexes, some print and some electronic, which are more specialized, include book reviews, and/or cover the earlier literature, are listed under the Additional Indexes tab. To find local periodical indexes not in this list, use the HOLLIS Catalog: "Brazilian periodicals indexes", "Brazil Indexes Periodicals".

Basic Indexes

Handbook of Latin American studies (1936- ) is a comprehensive annotated bibliography. Not every subject occurs in each volume. Since 1963, social science and humanities are issued in alternate years. A topical article is included in each volume. Also available in print:
LOCATION: Gutman Education: Z1605.I123 1963-1971
LOCATION: Lamont: F1408.Z99 H23x Latest fifteen years only
LOCATION: Tozzer: REF F 1401.Z99 H3 1936- .
LOCATION: Widener: RR3653.4 Latest ten years only
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC F1408.Z99 H36x Earlier

HAPI, Hispanic American periodicals index (1970- ) indexes most Latin American periodicals in full, and articles on Latin America and U. S. Hispanics from periodicals worldwide. Includes book reviews. Also available in print:
LOCATION: Tozzer: REF F 1408.H3
LOCATION: Widener: RR 663.219 & 663.221.

Book Reviews

General sources include: Academic Search Premier, the Web of Science and Periodicals Index Online (for pre-1995 books). Additional general sources for book reviews. Some of the specialized indexes and bibliographies listed in this guide carry book reviews.

Guía a las reseñas de libros de y sobre Hispanoamérica = A guide to reviews of books from and about Hispanic America.
LOCATION: Widener | RR 675.24 (1979, 1983 (v.2), 1989-90)
LOCATION: Widener | WID-LC | Z1035.A1 G84 (1972-78, 1980-89)


To find bibliographies of books and articles in the HOLLIS Catalog, in Expanded Search do a variety of keyword searches (Keywords Anywhere) plus the standard term "bibliography" (Subject words). Notice the Subjects on pertinent records for terms for additional searches. Examples: <Latin America politics> and <bibliography>, <Uruguay church history> and <bibliography>.

Colonial British Caribbean newspapers: a bibliography and directory, by Howard S. Pactor. NY: Greenwood Press, 1990, 144 p.
CRL (Ctr for Research Libs) Online Version

Where a Given Periodical is Indexed

Index guide to Latin American journals. 1999.
LOCATION: Tozzer | REF | Z1601 .S38 1999
LOCATION: Widener | RR 655.157

Revised version of:
Indexed journals: a guide to Latin American serials. 1983.
LOCATION: Hilles: REF.ROOM F1408.Z99 C68 x, 1983
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC F1408.Z99 C68 1983x