Major Documents

Official Journal
Location: Documents (Lamont) LN Doc 6652.4 Location: Documents (Lamont) LN Doc 6652.4.3
Official Journal contains minutes of the Sessions of the Council of the League, text of reports and resolutions, as well as documents by or for the Secretariat  Special supplements include the records of the Assembly and of its Committees.

Index to Official Journal
Location: Documents (Lamont) LN Doc 6652.4.2 (1920-29)
Indexes prior to 1928 published in special supplements. Annual index for other years is part of annual volume of Official Journal.

Location: Documents (Lamont) LN Doc 6653.20 - 6653.47
These documents are arranged by year and then by subject categories as described under the Numbering tab of this guide.

Monthly Summary
Location: Documents (Lamont) LN Doc 6652.13F
Summary of each month's activities in each branch of the League.

Statistical Yearbook
Location: Documents (Lamont) LN Doc 6654.2.25
Synopsis of international demographic, economic, social and financial statistics.

Treaty Series
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Yearbook of the League of Nations
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