Company Information

  • Capital IQ: Data on public and private companies, investment firms, capital transactions, and people. (Requires account set up through Harvard. To access Capital IQ after an account is set up, one must use both Harvard Key and the username and password established.)
  • Orbis: Global company database with extensive data, including subsidiaries. You can screen for companies based on geography, financial performance, industry, deals, ownership structure, number of employees, year of incorporation and other criteria. You can also compare a company to its competitors along multiple dimensions.
  • EMIS: ISI Emerging Markets provides current, comprehensive country and company information from more than 500 sources for emerging markets in Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East-North Africa. Arranged by country, this resource includes: country profiles; macroeconomic statistics, forecasts, and analysis; reports on financial markets, companies and industries; exchange rates; analyst reports; and business news. Some text and spreadsheet information is downloadable into Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Ptichbook: Information on companies, deals, funds, investors and service providers across the private investment lifecycle. Individual accounts are required to access. Downloads are restricted to 10/day and 20/mo. The link takes you to the Baker Library site where you can set up the account.