Basic Tips: Using HOLLIS to Find Primary Sources Online

Using the HOLLIS Advanced Search, choose the "Library Catalog" option. 

1. Sometimes, a simple keyword search is most effective; you can scan your search results for primary sources. Example: navajo uranium min* (the asterisk is a "wildcard" that will bring up mines, miners, mining, etc.).

2. For a more focused search, type your search term on one line, either as "Keywords anywhere" or "Subject." On the next line, change "Keywords" to "Subject" and type one of these: Diaries • Interviews • Sources • Archival resources Newspapers • Personal Narratives •  Biography • Pictorial Works • Caricatures and cartoons • Press coverage



(Optionally, you can change the Resource Type to Archives/Manuscripts. This will exclude many published primary sources, though. Other special resource types are Images, Maps, and Objects.)

3. Browse by Subject (See below)

4. For online sources, after your search results appear, go to "Show only" on the right side of the screen and click Online

Browsing by Subject (for both Primary and Secondary Sources)

In HOLLIS, select "Starts with / Browse" at the top of the screen. Choose "Browse by Subject." Then, type a subject heading, and scan the list of headings that appears for the one closest to your topic. (See below for tips on finding good subject headings.)

Suggested Subject Headings for the course:

Atomic bomb Atomic bomb victims
Hiroshima-shi (Japan) Godzilla
Operation Crossroads Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific Movement
Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Nuclear Weapons
Antinuclear movement Radiation -- Health aspects
Uranium mines and mining Radioactive pollution
Chernobyl nuclear accident Nuclear weapons -- Testing
Nuclear warfare Weapons of mass destruction
Fallout shelters Radioactive fallout

Using Subject Headings to Find Primary Sources

► To find subject headings for browsing, bring up the HOLLIS record for a book you already know about; or do a keyword search for your topic, such as Bikini nuclear test. (This is how I found some of the subject headings suggested above.)

► Use the Advanced Search in HOLLIS to combine a subject heading with other keywords, e.g.

  • Subject Bikini Atoll + Keyword Nuclear
  • Subject Fukushima + Keyword Interviews

► When you browse, look for subjects with these subheadings: Diaries • Interviews • Sources • Archival resources • Newspapers • Personal Narratives •  Biography • Pictorial Works • Comic Books • Caricatures and cartoons

► For novels, plays, and films about a topic, look for subject headings with these subheadings: Fiction • In Literature • In motion pictures • Juvenile fiction • Drama • Poetry • Literary collections