Data: Finding, Interpreting, and Visualizing It

Guides to Sources

Brings together a wealth of general and specialized information produced by librarians across the University. Start with the Beginner's Guide to Locating and Using Numeric Data.

Includes information on generating, analyzing, and managing qualitative data, including software options, data repositories, oral history sources, conducting interviews and researching remotely.

Methods for Interpreting Data 

Bills itself as the "ultimate methods library" for qualitative and quantitative research in the social sciences.  Handbooks, manuals, case studies, videos, and more are made available on this site. 

Data Skill-Building 

Provides 15,000 on-demand courses on computer software, business skills, and creative skills from industry experts. 

An extensive collection of manuals for all sorts of technical, software, hardware, and coding topics.

A novice-friendly, peer-reviewed collection of tutorials that help humanists learn a wide range of digital tools, techniques, and workflows to facilitate research. Lessons are rated by difficulty. 


Get Hands-On Help with Digital/Data Projects

  • The Digital Scholarship Support Group is a collaboration between librarians and academic technologists. Staff with expertise in GIS, data visualization, text analysis, data cleaning and preparation, and other methods and approaches are available for in-depth consultations, troubleshooting, and on-the-fly advice.
  • The Qualitative Research Support Group offers resources, software training, and general support to help you plan a qualitative research project and collect, analyze, and share qualitative data. 

Back Up Your Files

Have a file backup plan, just in case. Having multiple copies, accessible in multiple ways, is essential. An external hard drive, a USB flash drive, stored safely, will help you sleep soundly as deadlines approach: