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Edmund J. Safra Center for Ethics Fellows-in-Residence Research Guide

Below, we've identified and briefly described some of your options for accessing news through Harvard Library subscriptions. If you are off-campus (or in a non-library location), you will be asked to "authenticate" (i.e., sign in with your HarvardKey and password) before you can use these databases.

Harvard Subscription Access to Certain News Websites

While the library system can't provide subscription access to many newspaper websites, The New York Times being the most prominent example, we do have access to certain newspaper sites.

  • Washington Post: instructions for a free subscription to

See this FAQ entry for further details.

General News Databases (U.S. and world): These are resources that enable you to search across large numbers of news sources. For additional new sources see News Resources on the Weatherhead Center Program page..

  • Nexis Uni: a standard library database for English language news, it allows you to search thousands of newspapers and newswires and to see the articles, in full-text format, back to about 1980. Searches can cover international, national, regional and local news sources. The database also allows you to search news broadcasts (radio and TV).
  • Factiva: owned by the Dow Jones company, this resource allows you to search across 8000 or so news publications from the U.S. and around the world. Some news publications that are not available in full-text in Nexis Uni (the Wall Street Journal for example) is available in Factiva.