3.Tap into our Network of Experts

Let's Talk! 

Expertise is a well that never runs dry in the Harvard Library. 

Your concentration has one (and sometimes, more) library liaisons -- people with deep subject knowledge -- who are ready and willing to answer questions (large, small, or somewhere in-between) at any stage of the thesis project.  

Liaisons to academic departments are listed on this page:  https://library.harvard.edu/services-tools/library-liaisons. (Just scroll down to where the subject list begins! )

Liaisons are good at locating stuff and they can save you time and spare you anxiety when you're not quite sure what sources you need or where they can be found. 

They're generous with their knowledge, too: they want you to use library materials and use them well.  Most of all, they want to do whatever they can to help you succeed at your learning. They'll help smooth your path, cheer you on, and celebrate you when you pass the thesis finish line. 

Your liaison may have the exact answer you need, but when they don't, they'll know which library colleague(s) you should be talking to.