5. See Models of Excellence from previous years

Finding Hoopes Prizes 

Lamont keeps the two most recent years of Hoopes Prize-winning senior  theses, printed and bound, on Level 1, next to the New Book Shelves specifically so that you can peruse them for inspiration and for a sense of how  a concentration judges and rewards extraordinary work. 

  • Hoopes prizes awarded from 2020 forward are available online and linked through HOLLIS.. 
  • Hoopes prizes 2019 and earlier are only available in print at the Harvard University Archives.You can arrange to consult one or more of them oniste during their business hours. 
  • The Archives maintains a helpful FAQ on locating and using theses

AB Honors Theses

Not all excellent work earns a Hoopes prize, of course.  The Harvard Library's practice has been to include in HOLLIS all senior theses that are awarded  a magna (high honors) or summa (highest honors) distinction.  

You can rig up keyword searches in various ways for these items.  We recommend you  start your search in the Library Catalog portion of HOLLIS (rather than the system default, Catalog and Articles). Some sample search strings: