Message to Research Fellows

Why this Guide

The Harvard Library is full of people with deep subject knowledge, technical (and technological) expertise, and a desire to see you succeed at your learning in whatever form that learning takes.  

We know that many of you, as rising sophomores, are new(ish) to archival, qualitative, and quantitative methods of scholarly inquiry.  Some of you are more seasoned researchers, but may be working outside of your concentration and  developing new skills.

Either way, your summer fellowship is an opportunity to engage with us, in-person (in library spaces) or online, via Zoom or email. 

Library liaisons (as we call ourselves) exist for every academic concentration. Whether you're deep in or just starting, we can help you define a research question, develop a good research strategy, and give you advice on discovering, locating, and using research materials in all shapes and forms.

Reach out anytime -- and even after the summer ends!

Ways to Contact Us

Connect with a library subject expert

Find names and contact information for library liaisons, listed by program, department, or specialty.

Request a Research Appointment

We'll match you! This is a great option when you're not sure which subject librarian is the best fit for a project or when your project might need different kinds of expert input as it develops.

Chat with Us 

Live help as you're working in HOLLIS or library databases online. Look for the blue banner on the right side of an open screen or use the link above. 

Ask a Librarian

Fast answers to your questions, by email, normally  within a few hours. (You can also request appointments or start a chat with us from here.)

Help yourself to our Library FAQs

Keyword searchable collection of commonly asked questions.  It's also a great for a collection of librarian-created tip sheets, called Where do I start?