Am I really searching "Everything"?

HOLLIS+ Includes Books, Articles, Images, Maps, Scores, Audio/Video, Archives & Manuscripts, Journals, and DataThe short answer is that HOLLIS+ includes everything from the Harvard collection, like books, journals, images, maps, archives, manuscripts, scores, music, videos, films, and data. HOLLIS+ also includes an enormous articles database, which has content from subscription databases and journals, along with open access content, like articles from the Harvard open access repository DASH. Certain specialized databases may be excluded. 

More details are available at HOLLIS+: Sources of Content. HUID/PIN login may be required.

What is not in HOLLIS+?


Specific questions about what content is included may be submitted using the HOLLIS+ Feedback form.  

Can I request that additional content be added to HOLLIS+?

Yes! Requests for both additional Harvard content as well as subscription databases, journals from publishers, open access sources, and more can be placed.  Please use the HOLLIS+ Feedback form.