Save & Cite

Use “my favorites” to keep track of saved searches and citations.

Pin Your Favorites

HOLLIS uses a pin icon for options to save items and searches. Make sure to sign in to your account so that HOLLIS will remember your saved items for future sessions and to access additional features.

In the My Favorites area, you can search your saved items, set alerts, manage tags, and export citations.

Individual Citations

Save HOLLIS records 

To save one record: use the pin icon (“save item(s)”) in the record.

To save multiple records: use the checkboxes in your results list to select items. A pin icon will display at the top of your results list: use this to save all of your selected items.

Note: there is no warning message when unpinning an item!

Pro tip: My Favorites is best used as a short-term option. Citation management software offers more functionality for organizing your materials and generating pre-formatted bibliographies. It also allows you to save items from all over the web, not just HOLLIS. Learn more about library support for software such as Zotero and Endnote

Organize HOLLIS records with labels

You can use labels to organize your saved items. In the “saved items” area of “My Favorites,” you will find options to add labels and to view items associated with one of your labels. You can add more than one label to an item. 

When saving multiple items, you will have the option to add a label to all of them. 

Create a bibliography from HOLLIS records

Copy to clipboard (single item only): select the quote mark icon (“citation”) to generate a citation in APA, Chicago, or MLA style that you can copy and paste.

Export to Excel: this function creates an export of most of the fields in the full HOLLIS record.

Export to RIS or BibTeX: exports citation information in a file format that can be used by citation management software.

  • Add sources to Endnote: select RIS, then UTF8 encoding. 
  • Add sources to Zotero: we recommend using the Zotero browser plug-in instead of HOLLIS’s export functions: the plug-in will give you more complete and reliable data.

Export multiple items to Excel, RIS, or BibTeX: go to My Favorites, then select “saved items.” Use the check boxes to select records from your list, then use the three dots menu (“push to” actions) to select an export or print option.


HOLLIS Searches 

Share a search outside of HOLLIS

HOLLIS urls are durable. 

This means that you can simply copy and paste the url to save, share, or link to a search. This example search demonstrates how many options you can build into a link: 

Save a search in HOLLIS

  • Save your current search: select “Save Search” (pin icon) that appears at the top of your results after you run the search. You can access your saved searches in “My Favorites.”
  • Review your recent searches: in "My Favorites," under “search history,” you can access the most recent 100 searches you've conducted while signed in.
  • Stop saving searches: under “My Settings,” you can set a toggle to stop automatically saving your recent searches.

Search Alerts - RSS or email

Set an alert to be notified when HOLLIS adds new items that match your search criteria.

  • Under “Saved Searches,” you will find an option to set an RSS or an email alert for each saved search   

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