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 If you’re signed in, you can save individual records and searches. Look for the pin icon to save a search, save an individual item, or view your saved items and searches.

Organize your items by adding labels: click the check box next to the relevant item(s), then select "add label" (under the pencil icon). You can add a label to multiple items at once, and you can add multiple labels to each item. To view all items associated with a label, click on the label name in the list to the right.

Pro tip: we recommend using separate citation management software, such as Zotero. Citation software allows you to save items from sources other than HOLLIS and offers better options for organizing your materials and generating pre-formatted bibliographies,

Save and Share Searches

With the url:

In "My Favorites":

  • Save a search: use the pin icon that appears at the top of your results after you run the search. Saved searches are stored under "My Favorites."
  • Save a recent search: in "My Favorites," you can access the most recent 100 searches you've conducted while signed in under "search history."
  • Set up alerts: to be notified when HOLLIS adds new items that match your search criteria, select the icons for RSS or email when viewing your saved searches in My Favorites (via the pin icon at the top right of the screen).

Create Your Citations

When you are looking at a HOLLIS record, you will see a CITATION option under "Send To." Use this to automatically format a citation in APA, Chicago, or MLA style.

Pro Tip: If you want to create multiple citations or use a different citation style, we strongly recommend installing citation management software, such as Zotero.

If you have a citation manager installed, note that HOLLIS can export items to Endnote or BibTeX. Go to My Favorites (click the pin icon at the top of the screen), then "saved records."

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