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Black America and COVID-19

Documenting the impact of COVID-19 on Black America.


The right to vote has always been fundamental in the struggle for civil rights. And of course for good, long-standing historical reasons. The unrelenting, intergenerational drive for the right o vote flows through my veins and the community at large. Having grandparents who worked in Mississippi with the NAACP and Medgar Evers to get the Voting Rights Act of 1965 passed, now living in a country where the VRA is significantly dismantled in addition to existing voter suppression tactics makes the conversation surrounding black voters during Covid-19 increasingly important. 

The challenges standing between black voters and their right to the vote has remained sinister, but more so under-the-curtain and surgical. From stripping the right to vote from people in prison, people on parole and people with criminal convictions to shutting down polling places within black communities, the black experience surrounding voting during Covid-19 will be a true display of how far voter suppression will go in the United States.

Co-Curator: Hamilton Brooks, New York University Class of 2022
I am a New York University (NYU) student double majoring in Sociology and History. I have experience inside and outside of NYU working on issues pertaining to voting, in particular, working at the NAACP - the largest civil right organization in the country and the Democracy Initiative - the largest voting rights coalition in the country. In these roles, I focused on grassroots organizing, current legislation, and court decisions pertaining to voting rights. Within NYU, I am the Field Director of Generation Vote @NYU, the only student-led voting rights organization on campus. I am currently leading a mass voter registration campaign for NYU's 26,000+ undergraduate student population that seeks to raise participation from 48% to at least 55%. 

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