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Black America and COVID-19

Documenting the impact of COVID-19 on Black America.


Create, contribute, share and come together to listen to the experience of Black America

PAST WORKSHOPS AND EVENTS (July 13, 2020 - May 19, 2021) 

Documenting & Contributing to the Conversation: Launching the Website: Platform launch of the platform, View the recording to the July 13, 2020 Event (here)

Storytelling Workshop with Tre Johnson View the recording to the July 29, 2020 Workshop (here)

Storytelling Workshop with Janay Graham, July 6, 2020

Environmental Justice: Mapping Awareness With Clio Gates, LyLena Estabine, Sarah DeMott, George Clark, Aug 20 & 27, 2020 (2-Part Series) Audio Tour & PDF Guide: (here)

Voting as Protest! Political Activism during the Pandemic With Quentin Harris & Hamilton Brooks, Aug 26, 2020

Journal Retreat: From Pandemic Toward Healing with Jo Persad and Janay Graham  @ BlackCovidTale Instagram, Summer 2020

Call & Response: Harvard's Respond to Black American Experiences during Covid-19. This panel highlights ways the Harvard community has developed responses to the topic of Black American Experiences during the Covid Pandemic.  From students, staff, interns, librarians, and faculty these conversations showcase the potential for research, teaching, and confronting anti-black racist dialogues across the Harvard community. September 11, 2020

Anti-Racism & Justice Film Series  Join us for community discussion of race and justice through film screenings followed by panel discussion. Conversations will be facilitated by invited members of the community. Open to all via Zoom. View the Films and Listen to the Discussions (here)

Anti-Racism Book Club Join us for community discussion of anti-black racism through topics presented in our monthly selection of books and film. Conversations will be facilitated by HGSE graduate student fellows and the HGSE Gutman Library. Open to all students, staff, faculty, and fellows. Book Club Website (here)

JustFLIX in Collaboration with Fredericksburg High School
JustFLIX Project is a Social Justice Storytelling Platform designed to engage Young Adults as mentors with High School Students to create engaged videos using cellular technology. This program is a collaborative project lead by Bob Glover, Charles Hamilton Houston Institute and the Black Covid Experience Library Guide Team with the Fredericksburg High School.  The program duration for 10 weeks from Oct 5 through Dec 10, 2020.

Journal Project in Collaboration with Fredericksburg High School   History in the Making.  The Black America Covid Project, HSGE Gutman Library and Fredericksburg School District have committed to archiving journals on schooling as part of a collection of educators, parents, and student voice from the double pandemic. Learning to tell one’s story through writing as a daily exercise is not only an academic skill, it is a practice that builds community and fosters self-care. During the journal writing workshop, we’ll also offer a hands-on craft session. Harvard Gutman Librarians from Special Collections and Preservation Services will show you how to sew your own journal from a list of common supplies; as well as supply writing prompts and tips to craft a journal entry. We encourage participants to personalize their journals on the inside and out!  We look forward to including the voices of Fredericksburg in Harvard's Gutman Library's Special Collections.View the recording to year's end Journal Celebration event May 19, 2021 (here)