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Survey Says team: Polling American opinion became an obsession in the post-World War II era. Each week, the Survey Says team will explore opinion research on hot-button questions posed during the year we’re focusing on. On what subjects were ordinary Americans asked to weigh in? How were they canvassed? What did they think? How was “public opinion” mobilized in key political and moral arguments in American life?

  • 70s Public Opinion Information (includes Odum and Polling Report)
  • Gallup Poll
  • Roper Center
  • General Social Survey/NORC

Public Opinion Research for the 1970s

  • Odum Institute Archive Database maintained by the University of North Carolina provides access to the Harris Poll, Carolina Poll, Southern Poll, National Network of State Polls and Knight Foundation Community Poll collections. Raw data included.
  • PollingReport Aggregates polling data from dozens of prominent pollsters.

Gallup Poll

The Gallup Poll. This statistics tool compares citizens' responses – region by region, nation by nation – to questions of vital importance to the world today, on topics such as economic conditions, government and business, healthcare and well-being, infrastructure and education.  Living record of more than 70 years (c. 1935) of public opinion research.

Gallup Analytics / Gallup Brain The Gallup Brain is a searchable data vizualizations.

Gallup Poll Cumulative Index, 1935-1977 (Print Only/Online through HathiTrust)  Note, this is just the index of subjects.  For example see Coretta Scott King, 1970


Roper Center

Roper Center for Public Opinion. Our mission is to collect, preserve, and disseminate public opinion data; to serve as a resource to help improve the practice of survey research; and to broaden the understanding of public opinion through the use of survey data in the United States and around the world.

Provides access to summary-level (aggregate) and micro-level (raw) public opinion data. While the data collection focuses strongly on United States public opinion, it also includes growing collections of (micro-level) European, Latin American (Latin American Databank) and Japanese (JPOLL) polls. The data archive (micro-level data) is searchable by keyword, date, and survey organization. The iPOLL database (summary-level data) is searchable by keyword, subject /or survey organization and survey sponsor; it provides question and response level data. The Roper Center resources require users to set up individual accounts in order to gain access to the data.

  • Search iPoll.   Put in your topic, say, Marriage

  • Under Filters, scroll down to Decades

Important: Users must create a distinct account within the Roper system after authenticating with Harvard Key  to search and download data. 

General Social Survey, National Opinion Resource Center (NORC)

Additional Resources for Opinion Polls for the 1970s