Meet the Class of 1975 (Oral History)

Meet the class of 1975. In preparation for their 50th reunion in 2025, members of the Radcliffe College class of 1975 are launching  an oral history project to document their times and lives on campus. Their experience at Harvard, from application to graduation, spans half of our decade; their first five years in the workforce coincide with the second half. As collaborating investigators on this project, you’ll apply your growing knowledge base of American and Harvard-Radcliffe 1970s history to help evolve the interview script in the first half of the semester. Each student will also conduct a pilot virtual interview and transcription. We’ll discuss shared Conducting Oral History.


 Muhammad Ali speaking to the Harvard University graduating class of 1975.

Conducting Oral History

Guidance on creating an oral history project:

Recording Oral History

  • Access video tutorials for supported hardware and software, and pointers to additional documentation.
  • Learn Software Recording and Transcription Platforms: Panopto, Adobe Creative Cloud, Zoom
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Transcribing Oral History

Collections & Repositories of Oral History