Jeanne S. Chall Doctoral Student Research Award


The Jeanne S. Chall Doctoral Student Research Award honors the late Jeanne S. Chall, who served as a professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her seminal work on reading research and instruction influenced scholarship on the teaching of reading in schools and universities throughout the country.

This award is given to a graduating HGSE doctoral student whose dissertation has been noted for particular excellence in the fields of beginning reading, readability and reading difficulty. Special emphasis is given to projects supporting adult literacy; reading assessment; early reading; grapho/phonemic processes; or stages of reading, writing, and vocabulary development.


2019: Pierre de Galbert, Ed.D. '19, Learning in Multilingual Contexts: Language Policies, Cross-linguistic Transfer, and Reading Interventions.

2018: Shireen Al-Adeimi, Ed.D. '18, Talking to Learn: Investigating the Relationship between Classroom Discussion and Persuasive Writing.

2017: Margaret Troyer, Ed.D. '17, Teacher Implementation of an Adolescent Reading Intervention.

2016: Emily Phillips Galloway, Ed.D. '16, The Development of Core Academic Language and Reading Comprehension in Pre-Adolescent and Adolescent Learners.

2015: Jessica Scott, Ed.D. '15, Beyond the Fourth Grade Glass Ceiling: Understanding Reading Comprehension among Bilingual/Bimodal Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students.

2014: Lauren Capotosto, Ed.D. '14, Examining the Effects of Parents' Reading Comprehension Questions on Child Outcomes in Middle Childhood.

2013: Christina Dobbs, Ed.D. '13, The Use of Academic Language Markers in Middle Grade Persuasive Essays: Using Academic Vocabulary and Markers of Organization and Stance.

2012: Chantal Francois, Ed.D. '11, The Social Dimensions of an Individual Act: Situating Urban Adolescent Students' Reading Growth and Reading Motivation in School Culture.

2011: Elaine Mo, Ed.D. '10, Comparing English-Only and Language-Minority Learners on English Vocabulary Knowledge: Investigating Vocabulary Self-Evaluation and Depth.

2010: Jennifer DiBara Crandell, Ed.D. '10, Information Book Read-Alouds in Head Start Preschools and the Development of Vocabulary and Emergent Literacy Skills.

2009: Shaher Banu Vagh, Ed.D. '09, Learning at Home and at School: A Longitudinal Study of Hindi Language and Emergent Literacy Skills of Young Children from Low-income Families in India.

2008: Kathleen Spencer, Ed.D. '08, Confronting Literacy Difficulties: Investigating the Reading and Writing Skills of Middle School Students with Literacy Based Learning Disabilities.

2007: Young-Suk Kim, Ed.D. '07, Foundations of Early Literacy Acquisition in Korean: Investigating Development of Phonological awareness, and the Role of Phonological Awareness and Letter-Name Knowledge in Literacy Acquisition.

2006: Margaret Pierce, Ed.D. '06, Urban Children at Risk for Reading Failure: Investigating Profiles and Components of Reading Performance among Dysfluent Readers.

2005: Rebecca Deffes Silverman, Ed.D '05, Teaching words to young children: investigating the effectiveness of early vocabulary instruction during read-alouds.