About the Jeanne S. Chall Endowment

The Jeanne S. Chall Endowment was established in 1999 to honor Jeanne S. Chall (1921-1999), a leading expert in reading research and instruction and a psychologist, teacher, writer, and professor emerita at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

The Chall Endowment aims to ensure Chall’s legacy of active engagement in reading research is perpetuated at HGSE and in the wider education community.

The Chall Endowment Advisory Board was established to set and implement the strategic direction and activities under the terms of the Chall Endowment including annually awarding and hosting the Jeanne S. Chall Lecture, the Jeanne S. Chall Visiting Researcher Grant, and the Jeanne S. Chall Doctoral Student Research Award.

The Advisory Board is comprised of HGSE faculty, non-HGSE faculty, and chaired by the HGSE Librarian & Director, Gutman Library. Faculty members of the Advisory Board serve a three-year term appointment, beginning in September of each academic year.

Current Board Members

Alex Hodges, HGSE (Chair), 2017-
Christina Dobbs, Boston University, 2019-
Carla Lillvik, HGSE, 2019-
Patrick Proctor, Boston College, 2017-
Meredith Rowe, HGSE, 2016-
Paola Uccelli, HGSE, 2018-

Former Board Members

John Collins, HGSE (Chair), 2001-2013
Mary Beth Curtis, Lesley University, 2002-2014
Marcella Flaherty, HGSE (Interim Chair), 2013-2014
Susan Fliss, HGSE (Chair), 2014-2016
Roselmina Indrisano, Boston University, 2002-2016
Connie Juel, HGSE, 2002-2003
James (Jimmy) Kim, HGSE, 2014-2019
Nonie Lesaux, HGSE, 2003-2015
Rebecca Martin, HGSE (Interim Chair), 2016-2017
Pamela Mason, HGSE, 2008-2017
Margaret (Margy) Pierce, Stonehill College, 2015-2020
Katherine (Kay) Stahl, New York University, 2014-2019