The Black Teacher Archive (BTA) is a digital initiative to centralize and create open access to publications produced by Colored Teachers Associations (CTAs). Black educators founded CTAs to enhance educational opportunities for Black children, and to develop themselves as professionals, political actors and intellectuals. The BTA is working with a variety of institutions to digitize these materials, as the vast majority of copies of CTA journals and archival resources of Black teachers in the 20th century are located elsewhere in hard copy and/or digital forms.

If you are interested in conducting research on a particular state’s Colored Teachers Association, this guide includes helpful resources to aid your search. Use the menu tabs to the left to discover additional primary and secondary source materials.

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Visual Map of Associations and Contributing Repositories

The map below is a visualization of the states with Colored Teachers Associations (shaded in brown), along with markers identifying the repositories that contributed digitized journals and newsletters to form the Black Teacher Archive.