General Resources

To find books, periodicals, manuscripts, videos, etc., on a topic in HOLLIS, put in likely keywords and choose Library Catalog.  Look at pertinent records and find the terms under Subject. For example, searching China "United States" trade yields:

China's trade relations with the United States: an update, by Sarah Y. Tong & Lu Yue. Singapore: East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore, (EAI background brief; no. 1228) 2017, 19 leaves
United States -- Foreign economic relations -- China.
China -- Foreign economic relations -- United States.
United States -- Commerce -- China.
China -- Commerce -- United States.
HOLLIS record

Under Refine my results: Subject on the right of the results list there are more main terms (Foreign trade regulation; International economic relations) to try, but not the terms after the dashes ( -- Foreign economic relations) which are called subdivisions. NOTE: If you hit one of the terms in this Subject list, HOLLIS will find records with the term, say  International economic relations only on records in the set originally formed by searching China "United States" trade.

Redo your search using the terms that HOLLIS uses.    Also, go to Starts with.../Browse (top black band) and put in, say, United States -- Commerce -- China, adjusting to Browse by Subject.  This is very useful in breaking down a large subject and in giving you more subdivisions, which can be applied to other Subject terms, to search.  Thus:

  • Foreign trade regulation -- Government policy
  • International economic relations -- Government policy

Whenever you have a reference to a useful book, look it up in HOLLIS and see what the Subject terms are.

Bibliography of Asian studies (1941- ) covers English-language books (published before 1992 only), essays in books, and periodical articles. No book reviews. In 1956, coverage was extended from East and Southeast Asia to include Central and South Asia and the Philippines. The online version starts in 1971Issued separately in print (1969-91) and as special number of the Journal of Asian Studies (1966-69) which is available in JSTOR. A cumulated version for 1941-70 is available. For earlier coverage see Bulletin of Far Eastern bibliography (1936-40). Cumulated version (1941-1965, 1966-70; subject and author bibliographies):
LOCATION: Harvard-Yenching: Ref (W) DS5.A87 1970x
LOCATION: Harvard-Yenching: Ref (W) D5.A87 1969x
LOCATION: Widener: RR 3910.10
LOCATION: Widener: RR 3910.11

JSTOR Asian Studies
Full content of 16 journals in Asian studies, in some cases covering as far back as 1843.

America: History and Life
The main resource for finding scholarly journal articles about all aspects of the history of the United States and Canada.

Historical Abstracts
The main resource for finding scholarly journal articles about all aspects of world history except the United States and Canada.

NexisUni (1980s- ) is the usual first choice for finding recent newspaper articles, with full text (pictures omitted) coverage of numerous U.S. and overseas newspapers. 

  • Choose Advanced Search
  • Select a Specific Content type: News
  • Enter your search terms
  • Narrow as needed on Left.
  • Location by Publication narrows by country/region of publication
  • Geography by Document narrows by subject of article


Factiva (1980s- ) offers full text (pictures omitted) of over 6,000 newspapers, magazines, wire services and trade journals. To limit to a particular newspaper enter, e.g., sn=wall street journal and "search term". Articles for which the copyright resides with the author rather than the newspaper which are not available in NexisUni sometimes have a citation without full text in Factiva. Includes the Wall Street Journal full text, 1984- (abstracts, 6/13/1979-1983) and the Boston Globe (1987- ). Search Guide: Factiva User Guide: Browsing & Searching (Boston College guide)

Articles for which the copyright resides with the author rather than the newspaper will not generally be available in NexisUni or Factiva, although Factiva sometimes provides citations. Use newspaper indexes to find articles omitted from the full text sources.

ProQuest Historical Newspapers (mostly 19th-20th century) include illustrations, editorials, and advertising. Available papers are listed below.

General Newspapers

Search all ProQuest news sources using: Proquest News & Newspapers.  Search across all newspapers, or select a custom group of titles to search across, rather than searching just one title.

Financial Times (London) in Gale News Vault

The Times (London) is available full text, including news, editorials, advertising, and pictures, in the Times Digital Archive (1785-1985).