Architects Write

Designers not only communicate their ideas in drawings and built works, but also in writing. Books and essays by architects have historically translated the ideals and understanding of the built environment throughout the centuries. From the systematic exposition of principles and elements of architecture in the 16th century, to the visionary speculations of design in relation to the city in the 21st century, texts have grounded the design disciplines throughout history. They have also defined the theoretical landscape in relation to the thinking and practice of design today. Designers continue to build upon the thinking behind texts, while interpreting in new ways the demands on design today.

The group of books below represent some of the foundational texts for the discipline of architecture, and are among the earliest in date within the Rare Book Collection of the Frances Loeb Library.

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Rare NA2515 .A54 1541  [DIGITAL COPY]                                             Rare NA2515 .A53x  [DIGITAL COPY]

3                                                                                4                                                


Rare NA2515 .P177x 1581 [DIGITAL COPY]                                             Rare NA2515 .S47x [DIGITAL COPY]

5                                                                                6


Rare NA2515 .A9x 1691 [DIGITAL COPY]                                                 Rare NA2515 .L29 1755 [DIGITAL COPY]