Designing Landscape

The teaching of landscape architecture at Harvard emerged very much tied to the memory of Charles Eliot who advocated for regional approaches to environmental issues. He believed in parks as a human right. This environmental and cultural understanding of the profession is well represented in our collection: from the observation and appreciation of nature as a source of formal inspiration and systematic analysis, to the design of private landscapes, public parks, and regional interventions. From 19th century landscape to current day publications, the books in the Rare Book Collection document the flourishing of landscape as a profession, and its expansion as a discipline of academic inquiry today.  

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     Repton, Humphry (1752-1818). Mosely [sic] Hall near Birmingham. 1792. [Special Collections Rare SB466.E63 M688x] [DIGITAL COPY]

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 Eliot, Charles (1859-1897). Vegetation and Scenery in the Metropolitan Reservations of Boston. Boston: Lamson, Wolffe & Co., 1898. [DIGITAL COPY]


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      Haeckel, Ernst (1834-1919). Kunstformen der Natur. Leipzig; Wien: Verlag des Bibliographischen Instituts, 1904.[DIGITAL COPY]