What is a journal?

A journal is a type of publication published periodically, and composed of articles written by different authors. A journal usually focuses on a specific discipline, field of study, or topic area, and is intended for a specific audience, rather than for the general public. 

An article is a short piece of writing on a specific topic. In journals, articles most often present some sort of original research and are usually peer-reviewed. Articles tend to contain new and developing research, though it should be remembered that the publication process can take a year or two, so research presented in an article may be nearly a year old. Articles allow researchers to periodically posit new ideas and the share the progress of their research with one another. 

An abstract is a brief summary of a piece of writing.

An issue is an individual release of a journal. Journals may publish more than one issue per year. 

A volume is all of the issues published in a year.

Journals are also called "periodicals" or "serials", simply meaning that they are a type of publication created periodically.

A Periodical is a publication produced periodically, for example, newspapers, magazines, and some journals.

A Serial is a publication produced as a series, and they may or may not be periodicals. Examples of serials include yearbooks, indexes, and some books and journals. Note: Series and serials are different. A series of books, for instance, is a collection of independent, but related stories, while a book serial is one story published in parts. A book released weekly chapter by chapter in a newspaper would be an example of a serial. 

What is original research?

Original research is the research done by an individual or group of individuals. It is their own ideas, work, and the data and conclusions produced by that work. Original research is considered a primary source, and is in the form of datasets, reports, and other documentation of the work.

An article is considered original research if it is a report of a piece of research written by the people who actually conducted the research. The article will describe the researcher's hypothesis, research methods, results, and conclusions. 

What is peer-review?

Peer-review is a process where a work is assessed by others and is approved, critiqued, or rejected.

peer-reviewed article is an article which has been assessed by the author's peers to determine if it is an acceptable piece of research for publication. 

Resources at Harvard

The Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium

The Harvard Celtic Colloquium was established in 1980 by two graduate students in the Harvard University Department of Celtic Languages & Literatures as a forum in which graduate students could share their work and gain experience in professional academia. Since then, it has been organized annually by a team of students in the department, and has gained an international reputation, annually drawing a diverse mix of scholars from around the world to present papers on all facets of Celtic Studies. Papers presented at the annual conference are published in The Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium.

Journals in Celtic Studies

Many universities with Celtic Studies programs and Celtic Studies associations produce journals in Celtic Studies.

Studia Celtica

Studia Celtica is a leading journal in the field of Celtic Studies and is published annually by the University of Wales Press. It publishes research within language, literature, history and archaeology. It is an internationally refereed journal that includes articles, short notes and book reviews. Contributions are received from Celtic experts around the world – from the USA, Australia, Scotland, Ireland and France. The predecessor of this journal was The Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies.

Journal of Celtic Studies

The Journal of Celtic Studies, a publication of Brepols, has been publishing articles on Celtic languages and literatures since 1948.

North American Journal of Celtic Studies

The North American journal of Celtic studies is the official journal of the Celtic Studies Association of North America (CSANA). Founded in 1976, CSANA fosters research in all aspects of Celtic studies – including literature, language, history, law, folklore, art, and archeology – spanning from ancient to modern times. The journal is published by Ohio State University Press and articles are peer-reviewed. 

Quaestio Insularis: Selected Proceedings of the Cambridge Colloquium in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic

Selected Proceedings of the Cambridge Colloquium in Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic is a publication of papers presented at conferences held by Cambridge University Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic. 

e-Keltoi: Journal of Interdisciplinary Celtic Studies

The Center for Celtic Studies at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee publishes the electronic journal e-Keltoi: Journal of Interdisciplinary Celtic Studies. The purpose of the journal is to disseminate peer-reviewed research and communication related to Celtic cultures, past and present, in the academic arena as well as for the general public. 

Études Celtiques

Founded in 1870 as Revue Celtique, the journal Études Celtiques was the first journal to be wholly devoted to Celtic studies, particularly Celtic linguistics and philology.

Modern Philology

Modern Philology, published by Chicago University Press, prints work in literary criticism, literary history, and archival scholarship.

Orbis Litterarum

Orbis Litterarum publishes articles in the fields of Literature and Literary Theory.


Poétique is a French-language journal in the fields of Literature and Literary Theory.


Began in 1894, Euphorion is a German-language academic journal which publishes articles on the history of literature. From 1934 until 1944 it appeared under the title Dichtung und Volkstum.


Speculum is a publication of the Medieval Academy of America and was the first North American journal devoted to scholarship on the Middle Ages. It publishes research from all disciplinary fields related to medieval history between 500 and 1500 C.E.

Medium Ævum

Medium Ævum, which first appeared in 1932, is one of the leading international academic periodicals in Medieval Studies. It is published twice yearly.



Viator is the journal of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. 


Arthuriana is the quarterly publication of the International Arthurian Society - North American Branch. It is dedicated to all aspects of the Arthurian story from its inception in the Middle Ages to its enactments in the present moment.

Arthurian Literature

Arthurian Literature is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to the critical study of all aspects of the Arthurian legend.


Romania is a French-language journal which began publishing articles on the topic of romance literature in 1872.


Ériu is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to Irish philology and literature, which has been published by the Royal Irish Academy since 1904.


Trivium is a journal published by University of Wales, originally St. David's College. 

Cambrian Medieval Celtic Studies

Cambrian Medieval Celtic Studies is a bi-annual, peer-reviewed academic journal published by the Department of Welsh and Celtic Studies at Aberystwyth University.

Llên Cymru

Founded in 1950 as a Welsh-language journal, Llên Cymru publishes academic research on Welsh literature of any period, both scholarly and opinion-based articles.

Ysgrifau Beirniadol

Ysgrifau Beirniadol is a serial of articles on Celtic literature and culture which began being produced in the 1960s.


Dwned is a Welsh-language journal of medieval Welsh history and literature published by the Department of Welsh and Celtic Studies at Aberystwyth University. 

The Journal of Celtic Linguistics

The Journal of Celtic Linguistics publishes articles and reviews on all aspects of the linguistics of the Celtic languages, modern, medieval and ancient, with particular emphasis on synchronic studies.

The Transactions

The Honorable Society of the Cymmrodorion publishes The Transactions, an annual scholarly journal containing papers that have been delivered to the Society as part of its annual lecture program, as well as research articles on topics in Welsh Studies. Articles cover all areas of Welsh history and culture from any period, including literature (in Welsh and English), history, art, music and politics. Articles may be submitted in Welsh or English. The Transactions is one of the oldest scholarly journals in Britain, and the only one to specialize in interdisciplinary Welsh studies.

Scottish Studies

Scottish Studies is the journal of the University of Edinburgh School of Scottish Studies. The journal reflects the eight main research areas of the school: tales, custom and belief, material culture, song, instrumental music, place-names, dialectology and social organization. Articles may be submitted in English, or in Scottish Gaelic with an abstract in English.

International Review of Scottish Studies

Since at least 1969, the Centre for Scottish Studies at the University of Guelph, in conjunction with the Scottish Studies Foundation, has published essays and reviews related to Scottish history and culture in the journal which, until 2001, was known as Scottish Tradition.

Scottish Studies International

The Faculty of Translation Studies, Linguistics and Cultural Studies of the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz in Germersheim, Germany, publishes research from across the broad and varied spectrum of Scottish Studies in a series called Scottish Studies International.

Journal of Irish and Scottish Studies

The Journal of Irish and Scottish Studies is published by Aberdeen University Press and is the only peer-reviewed journal devoted to scholarly work in the languages, history, literature and cultures of both countries.

Journal of Scottish Thought

The Journal of Scottish Thought is an annual, peer-reviewed journal put out by Aberdeen University Press.