Tracking Stuff Down: Essential Services

Know What We Can Get for You

We'll make a PDF of any journal article that's not available online or up to two chapters from any book in print.  Turnaround time is 4 days (and often less).

If Borrow Direct doesn't turn it up, we can cast a wider net to get you what you need.

If our copy is unavailable, we'll get one for you from one of our partner libraries, within 4 business days.

If there is no holding library and the item is a candidate for Harvard Library's collection, you may suggest that we acquire itwhether a book, film, journal, database, etc. Specify the desired format.

With HOLLIS Special Request, you may click "Request to Copy or Visit" under Access Options in HOLLIS.

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Tools and Tricks

Not sure if we've actually got it?

Ask us--we can usually find the needle in an information haystack!

Keep Things Organized


This is a free, open-source citation management tool. Zotero make the process of collecting and organizing citations, incorporating them into your paper, and creating a bibliography or works cited page almost entirely stress-free!  

It's worth the small investment of time to learn Zotero.  A good guide, produced by Harvard librarians, is available here: