Other Publications

The following list of publications was compiled by Jay A. Winsten as part of Highlights From the First Thirty-Five Years. These publications are likely present in the historical collections for the Center for Health Communications (see Collections). To arrange for access, submit a request to the reference team at the Center for the History of Medicine. You may also contact the Harvard Chan School Archivist directly with questions.


A Guide for Teens: Does your friend have an alcohol or other drug problem? What can you do to help? Betsy O’Connor, Center for Health Communication, Harvard School of Public Health, 1994.

Designed to assist teens in helping a friend who has a problem with substance abuse. Includes a resource and referral guide and a state-by-state listing of substance abuse hotlines. More than a million copies of the pamphlet were distributed nationwide by the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information, primarily in response to individual requests.