Welcome to the Data Visualization Lab!

The HGSE Data Lab is a welcoming and non-judgmental space located within the Harvard Graduate School of Education. We provide personalized support to all HGSE students with quality one on one consultation to ensure students enhance their understanding of data, visualization, and data analysis. During the academic year we offer workshops and lectures exhibiting the importance of data in the education sphere. Explore the variety of services available in the HGSE Data Lab to help prepare students for both academic and career success in the 21st century.


Primary Objectives: 

  • Provide students with practical knowledge of data analysis techniques, tools, and technologies 

  • Enhance students' research and analytical skills by thinking critically about data sources, and reports when reviewing data 

  • Prepare students for finding, interpreting, and handling data in the educational sphere 

  • Foster collaboration and networking among students, faculty, and staff 

  • Supporting students in using data to tell a story 

Principal Activities: 

The lab will offer a range of activities for students, including (but not limited to): 

  • General Workshops: The lab will host workshops on various topics related to data cleaning and analysis, including data visualization, data management and security, and statistical analysis 

  • Focused Training Sessions: The lab will provide training sessions on popular data analysis tools and technologies, such as OpenRefine, R, Tableau, and Nvivo  

  • Carpentries: The lab will provide access to carpentries workshops allowing students to learn across disciplines including handling large amounts of data, data cleaning and analysis 

  • Dataverse: The lab will collaborate with Harvard's Dataverse so students will experience working with data from the early stages (collection, input, organization) to the end stages (storage, retention, analysis)  

  • Guest Speakers: The lab will will host guest speakers from both the Harvard Community and educational field, to share their expertise and insights on data analysis and current trends in education and related fields 

The lab will run throughout the academic year, with workshops and events held on a regular basis with a goal of 2-3 per semester.