Add Your Sponsored Projects

There are a couple of ways you can add your sponsored activities to your ORCID profile:

  1. Import with the Search & Link function (recommended)
  2. Add individual activities manually

Search & Link Function

The Search & Link function is the recommended way to add sponsored activities to your ORCID profile.

Similar to how you add works to your profile, you can import several types of sponsored activities (e.g., grants, awards, contracts, etc.) using the Search & Link DimensionsWizard, which provides connection to many domestic and international funding organizations (e.g., NEH, DoED, etc.).

ORCID provides detailed instructions and a list of integrated databases in its add funding by importing from other systems tutorial.

Manual Additions

If you have a sponsored activity that cannot be located using the Search & Link DimensionsWizard, you can add funding manually.