Manage Your Profile

While it's recommended that you add as much detail to your "My ORCID Record" as possible, particularly to facilitate linking your ORCID Record to publishing or funding systems, you are in control of how much or little information you add to your profile.

Under "My ORCID Record," you can add personal and professional information to your account (e.g., contact information, websites, other digital iDs). You can also add alternative names (i.e., "also know as"), biography statements, education, employment, funding, and works to your record.  

You also control the visibility of the information (e.g., employment, affiliations, contact information, research activities) and which trusted organizations and trusted individuals ("trusted parties") can access your record to read, write, or update your information. You are able to control visibility on each entry.

Add Someone to Manage Your Record

You can add a trusted individual (e.g., a research assistant, faculty services staff member, etc.) to access, update or manage your ORCID record on your behalf. They will need their own ORCID iD to log in.