Academic Writing Services

HGSE students may work with a Teaching Fellow to:

  • define a research question.
  • organize the content of their papers.
  • review and revise drafts.
  • cite sources appropriately.

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APA Tutorial

APA Exposed: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About APA Format but Were Afraid to Ask
HGSE's online, narrated tutorial covering the basics of APA style.

APA "Cheat Sheet" -- Examples of References Commonly Used at HGSE (pdf)

Writing Tips

Managing Citations

The tools supported by the Harvard Library are EndNote and Zotero. With them, you can:

  • create a searchable database of the books, articles, book chapters, and more that you're using in your research
  • import citations, abstracts, and more from online sources
  • organize notes and full text documents, such as PDFs, images, spreadsheets
  • share references when you're working on collaborative projects
  • create reference lists in APA and other formats

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