Instructional Strategy/Program Search Strategies

Use the 3-in-1 Education Articles databases to research your instructional strategy/program.

Follow these steps:

1. Begin by putting the instructional strategy you've chosen in the first search box. Note: put quotation marks around the strategy.

NOTE!: For ALIAS (Academic Language Instruction for all Students) use "academic language" and follow the steps below.

2. Put the terms for effective literacy instruction in the second box combined with OR.

3. Click search and then use "Refine Results" in the left menu to limit your search to peer-reviewed articles and articles published in the last ten years. See an example from an earlier year:

4. Review your results. If you have a very large result set, try refining your search terms to subject terms. To do this, choose SU Subject Terms from the dropdown menu. 

5. After you've reviewed your results for the supports for literacy terms, replace the terms in the second box with the terms for supports for classroom learning. Note that in the 3-in-1, it's best to search the terms we've provided below. 

  • differentiation of instruction -->"individualized instruction"
  • culturally sustaining pedagogy --> "culturally sustaining" OR "culturally relevant" or "culturally responsive"
  • Matthew effects --> "matthew effect*"
  • multilingual learners --> bilingual* OR multilingual*

The search string to retrieve any of these terms is:

"individualized instruction" OR "culturally sustaining" OR "culturally relevant" OR "culturally responsive" OR "matthew effect*" OR bilingual* OR multilingual*

6. Have questions? Use our Ask Us form. We're here to help!