Late 19th - Early 20th Century Literature

Orientalische Bibliographie (1887-1926) covers literature on the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, listed under broad subjects with author index. Book reviews in the Recensionen section, authors of books reviewed included in author index.
LOCATION: Andover-Harv. Theol: Period. 1521.76 (Bd.1-26 (1887-1926), v.25/26 missing. Harvard Depository)
LOCATION: Harvard-Yenching: (W) PJ5.O5x (1887-1911) Harvard Depository
LOCATION: Widener: IndL 6.12
LOCATION: Available full text in HathiTrust (through 1911 only)

Semper ex Africa ... A bibliography of primary source for nineteenth-century tropical Africa as recorded by explorers, missionaries, traders, travelers, administrators, military men, adventurers, and others, by Robert L. Hess.
LOCATION: Law School: Harvard Depository COMP 020 HES
LOCATION: Widener: RR 3970. 55