Periodical Indexes and Bibliographies

To find bibliographies of books and articles in the HOLLIS Catalog, in Expanded Search do a variety of keyword searches (Keywords Anywhere) plus the standard term "bibliography" (Subject words). Notice the Subjects on good records for terms for additional searches. Examples: <Kant> and <bibliography>, <Ethics> and <bibliography>.

Philosopher's Index provides bibliographic information and abstracts for articles and books on philosophy published since 1940. This is the electronic version of the print edition found in Robbins and in Widener. While most of the citations are complete, not all of them have complete or well-done bibliographic information. You may need to piece together what work the citation references from other sources.

The Philosopher's Index recently launched an upgraded search interface. Now, there are three search options: basic search, advanced search, and index search. The basic search allows the user to search by keyword only – this generally returns a greater number of hits, but is useful for general searches to get a feel for what might exist on a topic. The advanced search functionality, on the other hand, has pull-down menus and a more sophisticated layout that allows for more targeted searching. The index search allows the user to search several of the database's indexes to see how many articles exist in the category listed. This is useful, for example, to see how many times an author has published, how often authors use certain descriptors, how many times articles from the respective journals are listed, etc.

The layout of the new interface allows for easier navigation of the database and greater customization of the search page. The clumsy buttons and antiquated layout of the old interface have been replaced with new GUI (graphic user interface) formats that facilitate use of this database.

Additionally, once you have a citation in Philosopher's Index, you can click on "Find it @ Harvard". This means that, if Harvard subscribes to the journal referenced in the citation, the user will be able to directly link to the citation from the Index, rather than having to log out of the Index to get to the appropriate source. However, "Find it @ Harvard" generally appear next to a citation regardless of whether Harvard subscribes to the publication – the user will not know if there is electronic access until she tries to access it via this means.

Academic Search Premier (via EBSCO Host) contains material from thousands of journals. Full-text articles are available from about half of these journals. All journal citations, whether full-text or bibliographic-only, are fully indexed and abstracted . The collection is particularly strong in the social sciences and the humanities. To aid your searching, these tips are helpful:

  • The default search searches only the title, abstract, subject headings, and author fields. It does not search full-text unless you check off the box at the bottom of the search page.
  • Titles and phrases must go in quotes to ignore field codes and Boolean operators. The database reads “is” and “an” as field codes and will return “no hits” unless these words are placed in quotation marks.
  • There is a new field code: jn = journal name. This code is useful for finding one-word periodical titles such as Time and Science .

L'Annee Philologique (1924- ) is a bibliographic database archiving hundreds of thousands of records in classical studies, with new records added yearly. The database does not provide full-text, but only a citation, from which you can locate the full-text print or electronic source. It is a good place to find information on ancient Western philosophy and related areas. The works cited in this database are in English, French, German, Italian, and other languages. Additionally, some of the search functionality may appear briefly in French.

There are several search options from which to choose: modern author, full-text (which does not return full-text, though), ancient authors, subjects & disciplines, date, and other criteria. However, there does not appear to be any advanced search functionality, and it does not appear that one can combine search options.

Bibliografía española de revistas científicas de ciencias sociales y humanidades, 1995- .
Widener: Ask for CD-ROMs at Reference Desk

Indice espanol de humanidades. Serie D, Filosofia, 1989-?
Widener: WID-LC B5.I53x (1989) Harvard Depository

Which continues:
Indice espanol de humanidades, 1976-88.
Widener: WID-LC AS1.I5

Bibliografia filosofica italiana, 1949- . Unannotated references to Italian philosophical literature grouped by broad subjects with author and subject index.
Widener: Phil 75.41 Bound volumes (1990-96) in Stacks. Earlier volumes (1949-79) at Harvard Depository

Bibliographie de la philosophie, 1937-1953. Author list with subject index. The final volume, vol. 10, and the succeeding series under the same title do not include articles.
Widener: Harvard Depository B77.Z99 B52x

Bibliographia philosophica, 1934-1945. Covers WWII gaps in Bibliographie de la philosophie and Repertoire bibliographique.
Andover-Harv. Theol: Ref. Z7125.B7
Widener: WID-LC B77.Z99 B75 1950
Widener: Phil 75.43

v. 1. Bibliographia historiae philosophiae
v. 2. Bibliographia philosophiae

Bibliography of philosophy, psychology, and cognate subjects, by B. Rand. 2 v. 1905. A bibliography of articles from the 19th century and before, arranged by topic and philosopher.
Widener: RR 4901.4

Ethics index: an interdisciplinary resource of journal and essay information in the field of ethics, 1990- . Covers periodical articles and essays in books.
Andover-Harv. Theol: Ref. CD-ROM BJ1.E82

FRANCIS, 1984- . FRANCIS indexes the periodical literature of many social sciences/humanities disciplines worldwide, with a French emphasis.

Includes the continuation of:

Bulletin signaletique. 519: Philosophie, 1969-94.
Andover-Harv. Theol: Ref. Z7127.B82 v. 24-35 Library has: 1969-81
Widener: WID-LC B77.Z99 F722x Library has: 1969-94

which continues (in part):

Bulletin signaletique. 19-24, Sciences humaines, philosophie, 1956-68.
Andover-Harv. Theol: Ref. Z7127.B8
Widener: WID-LC B77.Z99 F72x & ax

which continues:

Bulletin analytique. Philosophie, 1947-55.
Andover-Harv. Theol: Ref. Z7127.B8
Countway Medicine: Serial Library has: 1947-49 (incomplete)
Tozzer: L.Soc. Library has: 1947-50
Widener: WID-LC B77.Z99 F722x

International philosophical bibliography, 1991- . Covers books and articles in philosophy published worldwide. Book reviews are listed in the Autumn issue.
Widener: WID-LC B72.Z99 I58x

Continues: Repertoire bibliographique de la philosophie, 1949-90.
Widener: Phil 27.4.5

which continues: Repertoire bibliographique, mai 1934-nov. 1948.
Widener: Phil 27.4


JSTOR archives the contents of several hundred journals in several disciplines. Of these, some are philosophy journals, such as Ethics, Noûs, and Philosophical Quarterly. JSTOR provides full-text of the articles in PDF and HTML formats, along with abstracts and stable URLs for posting in bibliographies. The articles go back as far as the mid-nineteenth century in some cases; however, JSTOR does not include articles from roughly the past 5 years.

It is not always clear that, when searching multiple terms, the search engine is finding both of them at the same time. It appears that it finds one or the other term, but not both. However, you can limit your searches to a specific academic discipline or discipline, or to individual publications. Finally, remember that JSTOR archives only some philosophy journals. There may be other relevant journals in print and in other databases besides this one.

Die Philosophie der Gegenwart, 1908-1913. Periodical articles, books, essays, dissertations in classified arrangement with name (subject and author) index.
Widener: Harvard Depository Phil 25.12

Project MUSE maintained by Johns Hopkins University, provides electronic access to over several hundred journals in the humanities, mathematics, and the social sciences. Unlike JSTOR, these are recent articles (i.e., generally within the last five to seven years.)

The interface has recently been updated with new graphics and a slightly different layout. When you initially login, you will be presented with a list of the journals housed within Project MUSE. Find the Search link at the top of the page, and go to Advanced Search. You will be able to search by individual journal, multiple journals, or by subject, as well as limit results by type of document, e.g., article, poem, review, and the like.

ScienceDirect houses the full-text of Elsevier's science journals, including the Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science. This database allows you to search all of its sources at once; journals only; Medline only (no full-text); International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences only; and SCIRUS only (a Web search engine). The basic search defaults to searching only the abstract, title, and keywords. For full-text, select it from the pull-down menu. The advanced search option requires the use of Boolean logic. When asked for which subject area to search, select Arts and Humanities. You will then be able to search all of the periodicals most relevant to philosophy. Additionally, there is an option to view each periodical individually, by volume, and by issue.

Sommaire idéologique des ouvrages et des revues de philosophie [title varies], 1895-1914.
Widener: Harvard Depository Phil 75.11

Synergy. The database, Synergy, houses full-text of journals published by Blackwell. Journals in philosophy include, among others, Analysis, Midwest Studies in Philosophy, Noûs, Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Philosophical Investigations, The Philosophical Quarterly, Philosophy & Public Affairs, and Ratio. The database offers simple and advanced search functionality across all or several journals, or one journal at a time. Additionally, the user can browse the subject tree menu on the home page when they initially log into the database.