An essential reference for research in Indo-European linguistics is Helmut Rix, ed., Lexikon der indogermanischen Verben: die Wurzeln und ihre Primärstammbildungen (LIV), 2. Aufl. (Reichert, 2001), a lexicon of reconstructed Proto-Indo-European verbal roots based on a modern understanding of PIE phonology and root structure. [WID-LC P572 .L58 2001] HOLLIS Record

Comparable to LIV in approach, though less comprehensive in coverage, is Dagmar S. Wodtko et al., eds., Nomina im indogermanischen Lexikon (Winter, 2008), which provides a collection of reconstructed PIE nominal forms and their IE reflexes. HOLLIS Record 

Still useful as a collection of attested forms, though outdated in many of its reconstructions, is Julius Pokorny, Indogermanisches etymologisches Wörterbuch (Francke, 1959). [Widener 1264.138 ] HOLLIS Record (full text available online via Internet Archive)

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