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World War I, 1914-1918

Images from Schlesinger Library

The Spirit of America 1919


Group portrait of Red Cross nurses during World War I outside at Walter Reed Hospital. Edith Rogers is in the bottom row, second from the right. A man dressed in a military uniform with a rifle stands nearby. Possibly later copy ca. 1920-1940


Portrait of Barbara Ann Jetland wearing a nurses's hat from World War I.


Fannie Fern Andrews standing in front of ruins in the town of Béthune. The buildings were ruined by fighting during World War I.


Three unidentified women packaging supplies indoors: one labels boxes (right); one writes (center); and one puts something into a bag. A poster for the "Children of the Frontier" hangs on the wall behind them.


Edith Rogers, dressed in her Red Cross uniform, seated on a patio with three unidentified men Army officers.


Group portrait of the Radcliffe Unit, a group of alumnae who aided in reconstructing French villages following World War I. Pictured, clockwise: Julia Collier, Katharine Shortall, Anna Holman, and Mary Burrage.


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