Tips for Finding Experts

Databases and Library Catalogs

Search subject specific databases, such as ERIC for education articles and reports, to find which scholars are writing in your area of interest. Limit your results to scholarly or peer reviewed, if that is an option. Search library catalogs, or WorldCat to find authors writing books in your subject area.

Social Networks

Join online communities, such as Connected Educators, that promote collaboration in your field. Use tools on professional and social media sites to find experts. A site like LinkedIn allows you to search profiles, join discussion groups and much more that will help discover leaders in your field.

Organizations and Associations

Check the websites of organizations and associations in your field. Make note of who is presenting at conferences, workshops and webinars listed on the sites. See the list of Education Associations, Organizations, and Conferences from the Library's Websites for Educators page.

Universities and Colleges

Many universities and colleges have directories listing faculty expertise. Search for experts on their website. See the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at UCLA as an example.