Why Use Zotero?


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Be Organized

Keep all of your research and citations in one place

Save Time

Never format a citation by hand again    


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It's Free

Even after you leave Harvard

Benefits of Using Zotero

Use a citation management tool from the beginning of your research process:

  • Share research with collaborators by creating group libraries;
  • If you mix manual citations with Zotero, you will have to enter manual citations into Zotero so later; start with Zotero and bypass messy cleanups later;
  • Easy to revise papers as footnotes and bibliographies automatically update to reflect citation additions and deletions;
  • Select from hundreds of citation styles and change your citation style in seconds;
  • Preserve all your documents, including web snapshots, in your Zotero library; and
  • Receive help from an HKS Librarian if you have problems using Zotero.

Zotero Help

The HKS Library Zotero Guide provides detailed instructions on how to install and use Zotero. You can also attend a Zotero workshop or schedule an individual or group consultation with an HKS Librarian.