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Republic of China (Taiwan) Legal Research

Taiwan Legal Research

Online Sources

  • 中央通訊社 (The Central News Agency,CNA) established in 1924 is the oldest and a prominent news source in Taiwan.  Its English edition is called Focus Taiwan.
  • 英文中國郵報 (The China Post) is Taiwan's leading English-language newspaper published since 1952.
  • 聯合新聞網 is a long-standing news media in Taiwan.  It is in Chinese only.
  • Taiwan Today is Taiwan’s premier Internet-based news outlet, providing comprehensive coverage Monday through Friday of the latest business, cultural and political developments.
  • 中時新聞網 is the oldest online Chinese-language news outlet.
  • 台灣英文新聞 (Taiwan News) is the first English-language newspaper, founded by James Wei in 1949.  Today it is in both Chinese and English.
  • 台北時報 (Taipei Times) is an English-language newspaper.
  • Taiwan Sun is an English-language newspaper.