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Republic of China (Taiwan) Legal Research

Taiwan Legal Research


Welcome to the Republic of China (Taiwan) Legal Research Guide. This guide provides some of the best resources available through the Harvard Law School Library and on the Internet. If you would like additional help with your research, please feel free to contact Nongji Zhang (, request a research consultation, or email us at

Taiwan Legal System

The Judicial Yuan is the highest judicial organ of the government, which runs a Constitutional Court and oversees all court systems in Taiwan.  Alongside the Specialized Courts (The Taiwan Kaohsiung Juvenile Court 臺灣高雄少年法院 and The Intellectual Property Court 智慧財產法院), and the Administrative Courts which adopts a "Two Level Two Instance System", Taiwan has a three-tiered court system for civil and criminal cases.  They are Supreme Court, High Courts, and District Courts. The diagram below from illustrates the structure of the Taiwan court system dealing with civil and criminal cases.

The following sources provide a good introduction to the legal system of the Republic of China (Taiwan):

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