1. General information about Harvard curriculum in 1890-1891, HUC 8890.2, contains a list of students, including Du Bois, enrolled in the Seminar in American History, 1890-91. Find it @ Harvard
  2. Evaluation form from the Boylston Prize Committee, 1889, UAIII 10.25.5, includes Du Bois’s name as a candidate. Find it @ Harvard

Note: in his junior year, Du Bois received second prize in the competition for the Boylston Prize for Elocution; in his senior year, Du Bois received first prize.

  1. Papers of Albert Bushnell Hart, 1841-1943

Albert Bushnell Hart (1854 – 1943) taught American history and government (political science) at Harvard from 1883 to 1926. He was a advisor to Du Bois during Du Bois’s student years and after (see Post-graduate activities section). Find it @ Harvard

  1. Records of students, HUG 4448.8 Box 2, Folder Di-Dy

Contains Du Bois’s applications and grades in History courses, 1889-1892.

  1. Students' papers. From History and Government courses taught by Hart from 1884-1926, HUG 4448.65, Box 1

Contains Du Bois's paper "Constitutionality of the Kansas-Nebraska Act," written for U.S. History 13, 1890.

  1. Students' papers. From History and Government courses taught by Hart from 1884-1926, HUG 4448.65, Box 2

Contains Du Bois's paper "Federal Government in Brazil," written for U.S. Government, 1891.

  1. Library charging records, UAIII 50.15.60, 1888-1889, Volume 143, sequence 445 and Volume 144, sequence 360, list Harvard Library call numbers for library books circulated to Du Bois in his junior and senior years at Harvard College. Find it @ Harvard
  2. Student records, 1876-1982. UAIII 15.75.10 F Box 1, Record of Class of 1890, page 314, contains Du Bois’s undergraduate transcript. Find it @ Harvard
  3. Du Bois's student folder, UAIII 15.88.10 Box 120 VT, contains his application for admission to Harvard College and applications for fellowships. Find it @ Harvard
  4. The 1890 Commencement Program, HUC 6811.112 Box 2, lists Du Bois as a recipient of the AB degree. Find it @ Harvard
  5. Du Bois, W.E.B. "Jefferson Davis as a Representative of Civilization." HUC 6890 Du Bois, W.E.B., Commencement part, 1890. Find it @ Harvard
  6. Du Bois, W.E.B. "A Constructive Critique of Wage Theory." HU 89.385.30 VT, unsuccessful entry for the Toppan Prize, 1891. Find it @ Harvard
  7. Du Bois, W.E.B. The suppression of the African slave trade in the United States, 1638-1871. HU 90.330 VT, PhD dissertation, 1895 (2 vols). Find it @ Harvard
  8. The 1895 Commencement Program, HUC 6811.112 Box 3, lists Du Bois as a recipient of the PhD degree. Find it @ Harvard