1. Records of the Harvard College Class of 1890 include the following information by or about Du Bois:
    1. Class of 1890 Secretary’s file, Du Bois folder, HUD 290.505 Du Bois W.E.B. (VT) 
    2. The following alumni reports include entries by or about Du Bois:
  1. Harvard College Library letters, 1826-1914. Correspondence, 1902-1903 UAIII 50.8 Box 91, contains two letters from Du Bois, requesting assistance in compiling a bibliography of American Negro folk songs.
  2. Records of the Harvard College Library: William Coolidge Lane general files, 1897-1928, UAIII, Box 12, Folder Du-DG, contains a letter from Du Bois, writing in 1908 from the Atlanta University Department of Sociology, asking about library statistics.
  3. Papers of Albert Bushnell Hart, 1841-1943: General correspondence 1911-1920, HUG 4448.17, Box 2, Folder D & E contains correspondence, 1918, between Du Bois and Hart regarding Hart’s membership on the advisory board for a proposed History of the American Negro in the Great War.
  4. Records of the President of Harvard University, Abbott Lawrence Lowell, 1909-1933. UAI 5.160 Box 297 Folder #504 contains two letters: an inquiry from Du Bois soliciting a statement regarding black students at Harvard, June 25, 1931, and a reply from Lowell, June 26, 1931.