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Studying Religion and Media

Research tools for RELI 14 / HDS 2043

Religious Web Sites

Aside from retail sites, religious sites are the most popular sites on the web. Here's a very small sampling of some of the more popular ones.





HuffPost Spirituality

World Religion News



Religion on Social Media

Researching social media is difficult, due to the huge amount of content and the ephemerality of much of it. Tools to search Twitter and other social media platforms tend to be expensive commercial products. Google only indexes some social media content, and generally does not include images. The University of Michigan has a useful guide to researching social media. Most of the tools and books they mention are also available at Harvard.

For secondary sources on religion and social media, try the Many-in-One Search to find religious studies articles. Also, try searching for books in HOLLIS+ using these subject terms:

Social media -- Religious aspects -- Christianity

(Substitute other religions for Christianity as appropriate.)