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Library Guide for Modern Middle East: Collaborative Collections

Tag Glossary

How to Use Tags

These collections are collaborative endeavors that you share with others doing the same kind of research. As you explore HOLLIS, if you find a resource that falls into any of the categories below, you can add the relevant tag to have the resource included in the collection for you and your fellow researchers to find quickly.

You will find this "Add Your Own Tags" button at the bottom of an item's record in HOLLIS.

Adding Tags


National Fiction

Explore fiction either set in the country, or by an author of that nationality.


Algerian fiction

Moroccan fiction

Tunisian fiction

Libyan fiction

Egyptian fiction



Works depicting colonialism in the named country, exploring the history of colonialism in the named country, and works of theory about colonialism.


Algerian colonialism

Moroccan colonialism

Tunisian colonialism

Libyan colonialism

Egyptian colonialism



Works depicting nationalism in the named country.

Algerian nationalism

Moroccan nationalism

Tunisian nationalism

Libyan nationalism

Egyptian nationalism