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How to Manage Research Images

Organizational Tools


Items include one or more photos combined to create pages of an archival document.

 Creating a new Item (multiple ways)

  • Drag and drop a photo on top of another photo to combine them into one Item.
    • Multiple Items can also be combined using the same method.

  • Press Ctrl (Mac) or Command (PC), then click on each item.  Right-click, select Merge selected items from the drop down menu.

Removing Single Photo from an Item

  • Right click the individual photo in either the Project View or Item View.
  • Select Move Photo to a New Item.

Removing all photos from an Item

  • Right click on the Item, select Explode Item.
  • Each photo from that Item will become an individual photo.


Lists help to link photos or Items that are related thematically or topically.

Photos or Items can appear in multiple lists at a time.  After they are added to a list, photos and Items will remain in the main Project View.

Create a new list (multiple ways)

  1. Navigate to File > New > List. The new list appears in the sidebar.  Now type a name for your list and press Enter.
  2. Right-click on Lists or your project name in the left pane and select New List.


Metadata describing each photo or Item can be added to each individual photo or Item in the metadata pane on the right hand side of Project View.

Tropy also provides the option of editing metadata for multiple objects at one time:

  • Press Ctrl (Mac) or Command (PC) and then click on each photos or Items you want to edit
    • Then enter the desired information into the metadata pane.
  • The metadata will be applied to all photos or Items you have selected.


Adding tags (or descriptive words/phrases) help to categorize, organize, and highlight shared subjects across objects.

Adding tags to photos or Items

  • Click the tags tab, located in the metadata pane.  Select Add Tag, then type your new tag name(s).  Press Enter to save your tag(s).

Viewing similarly tagged photos or Items

  • Click on the tag name in the sidebar.  Photos or Items with that tag will appear in the item table.

  • If a list is being viewed, only photos or Items within that list will appear within the search results.


Notes offer a place to add additional information about a photo or an Item.

Notes are added to each individual photo within an Item, not to the whole Item itself.

Notes contained within each photo or Item are visible in both Project View and Item View.

  • Clicking on a note will highlight the photo it is describing.