How to get the full text

Many of our databases will either have the full-text article available or provide a link to the full-text.  If you don't see the PDF or HTML link, look for the button that saysTry Harvard library

If we don't have access to the full-text article please use Interlibrary Loan (ILL) to get copies of articles (or books, CDs, DVDs, etc) not available at Harvard.

Other Tools:

  • Lean Library  - A browser extension that provides seamless access to Harvard Library subscriptions from anywhere on the web. 
  • Check Harvard Library Bookmark- Need access to an online article? Use this bookmarklet to get quick access to subscriptions purchased by Harvard Library. 
  • Google Scholar - Harvard proxy linked.  I recommend setting your Google Scholar account to recognize your affiliations:

    1. Go to your Google Scholar account

    2. Click on the Options Button (top left) and then Settings

    google scholar library settings screen shot

    3. Click on Library Links

    4. Search Harvard University and if you are enrolled at another institution, MIT for example, you can add that school as well

    5. Click Save

    Now when you search Google Scholar you will see the Try Harvard Library link next to articles the library provides access to.