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Expos 20 | Climate Fictions

A course library guide


This library resource guide has been designed for students in Climate Fictions, an Expository Writing course taught by Eliza Holmes.  I'm your class librarian for this course.  My name is George Clark--that's me in the side column. 

The resources and strategies described on this page are specifically targeted: they represent some first best guesses at where you might find scholarly information to inform your work.

Remember that good research often begins with hunches and hypotheses: about where an academic conversation is "happening," and about what words and search combinations might help find it. Good researching is also about being observant as you consider where else (or to what else) your initial reading may lead you.  And good research is all about patience and playfulnessyou may need to try several combinations of search terms before you strike gold.

Let me know how I can help you further as you work gets underway. We can talk by email or schedule a longer conversation on Zoom on in person!

Enjoy your writing adventures!

[Credit: I want to thank my library colleague Sue Gilroy for some of the content in and organization of this guide.]

Above: A woman walks a dog through a nearly empty Boston Common in Boston, Wednesday, April 6, 2011. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa). Available via AP Images