FAO at Harvard

Harvard is a designated FAO depository library. The documents and publications of this international organization are housed in various Harvard libraries and are available in various formats.

This international organization is well described in
Organization and structure of FAO
Location: Documents (Lamont) Ref S401.U63 F66 1982x 

Its official documents consist of several series:

Basic texts of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.
Location: Documents (Lamont) UN 1050.327.10

Conference Reports
Location: Documents (Lamont) CD-ROM Doc S401.F64 F66 1998x

 Annual report of the director-general to the FAO Conference
(later title: Work of FAO : report of the director-general ....)
Location: Widener Econ 6403.175.5

Report of the Council of FAO
Location: Widener Econ 6403.175.10

Conference Documents
Location: Microforms (Lamont) Film S 1018

Council Documents
Location: Microforms (Lamont) Film S 1019

Index: FAO conference and council decisions, 1945-1972
Location: Documents (Lamont) Ref S401.U63 Z9945 1973x