This is a bibliography of publications in the public domain that chronicle major events events in the life of Unitarian and Universalist congregations. Its genesis was a search for primarily pamphlet literature in Andover-Harvard's vast collection that had not yet been digitally preserved (and/or are not freely available). Over 750 Andover-Harvard titles were surveyed and, of these, approximately half were chosen as suitable and potential candidates for digitization.

This web guide is currently the combination of titles digitized by Andover-Harvard Theological Library and other libraries.   This guide also links to the library's Flickr account are included for the states that also have material in this guide.

What Is Listed in This Guide?

  • Congregational histories
  • Congregational anniversary celebrations and discourses
  • Church building dedication dedication discourses
  • Other discourses on church buildings (leave-taking, re-modeling, disasters)
  • Congregational by-laws, covenants, directories, etc.
  • Clergy ordination and installation services and discourses
  • Clergy anniversary discourses
  • Clergy funeral and memorial discourses
  • Other special events in a congregations's life
  • Histories of local religious education and church groups
  • Local congregational service and hymn books

In some cases, other sermons and works are included. The date scope is generally 1800 to 1922, with a few exceptions. The listings are NOT exhaustive. As additional digitized material is discovered, it will be added.

This guide also includes links the small amount of mostly unpublished material in the Manuscripts and Archives collection. To see what is available (mostly not online), consult the Unitarian Universalist Congregational Records page.

How to Use this Guide

  • Browse for your own congregation
  • Browse for other congregations in your area or an area of interest
  • Search for similar types of material from the same time period to see what might have similar or different themes (for example, by-laws and covenants; ordination and installation discourses which deal with the roles of clergy and congregation)

Then click on a title to view full text.

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As with any undertaking of a project and presentation of this size, there are likely to be omissions and mistakes.  Contact us with comments and corrections.