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HOLLIS User Guide

HOLLIS is the library's main search interface. It includes the Harvard library catalog as well as a huge (and more heterogeneous) collection of citations for a variety of materials, including articles and book chapters.

Tips for HOLLIS Classic Users

Why the Change?

HOLLIS Classic is a search interface that is part of a larger library catalog platform. While we love HOLLIS Classic, the platform it's attached to is aging and cannot handle a significant portion of the data the library now works with. Harvard Library will migrate to the next generation of library systems in the summer of 2018. The Classic search interface is completely interdependent with the old platform, and must retire along with it.

A Classic-style Search in the New HOLLIS

Classic searches a subset of what we now call Library Catalog, and it presents results in chronological order. Classic Simulator is a HOLLIS search that is pre-set with similar parameters. Simply replace "your search terms" with your search terms and go.

Making the Transition

If you liked how the Classic interface... In HOLLIS, you can...
Sorts results in chronological order... Choose year (descending) from the Sort drop-down on the right side of the page.
Lets you search for "starts with"... Use the Starts with/Browse page.
Has a "Journal Titles" search... Use the Journals search button at the top of the screen.
Allows you to limit the format to microforms... Use the form/genre field.
Has a "modify search" function that lets you add terms to an already existing search... Add terms in the search bar. If you've set filters in the right-hand menu, you can lock them before running the modified search, and they'll stay in place.
Lets you type in non-Latin characters... Type away---HOLLIS accepts (and displays) non-Latin characters. Note: there remain, of course, many HOLLIS records that do not include the original characters and can only be found by searching for transliterations.
Lets you use country codes in Command Search to see everything published in a country or US state (e.g. wlo=ir for Iran) Use the Code: MARC country code option in Advanced Search.
Lets you use a Command Search to choose limits such as language, date, format, etc. without having to put in any keywords. Explore the Code: search options in Advanced Search.
Has a function that allows you to export your full search results. This is not yet possible in HOLLIS---see our FAQ on exporting search results for more information and advice on workarounds.