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LLM Writing Group for East Asian Law, Law of War, Comparative Constitutional Law, Legal History


Getting Started

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This LibGuide pulls together some relevant sources for the most commonly research areas in this writing group.  It assumes you have already been exposed to more general training in library resources.  Below are some links if you need a review.


Additional tools

Full-text ebook and ejournal collections for searching

Legal journal indexes

Databases in specialized topics

General vs. specialized databases

If you are starting your research, or your research cuts across disciplines, you might want to start with a generalized resources that covers multiple disciplines.  You can search for descriptions of articles in Hollis and full-text articles in something like Google Scholar.   Two of our major research platforms ProQuest and EBSCO let you search across various disciplines.   As you progress in your research (particularly for preemption purposes), you might want to focus more on databases on your disciplinary topic(s).

Business, economics and development, labor and employment

Policy and Politcal Science

Comparative Constitutional Law Sources

Working papers and preprints

Working papers and preprints

Foreign law and regional studies databases

Selected databases focused on particular regions/countries

Below are selected databases for foreign jurisdictions based on paper topic submits.  See also Foreign and International Law Gateways, Foreign and Comparative Legal Research and Hollis.



Latin America

Other relevant research guides