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Law, Development, and Global Food Policy

Food Law Overview

Starting Your Research

As with any legal research project, it is best to start by looking at secondary sources (encyclopedias, journals, treatises).  Secondary sources not only point you to relevant primary law, but they can be helpful in inspiring a new paper topic or area for research.  Visit this guide for a refresher on the standard process of legal research:

General Resources

Starting at a broad level of searching can help to identify possible paper topics, give a general sense of a legal issue, and lead to more specific, helpful sources.  Any of these general search platforms can be a good place to start:

Other Helpful Guides

The field of food law has its roots in many other disciplines such as administrative law, international law, health law, international law, intellectual property, and patent law.  As you begin your research, you may want to consider these additional guides that will help put your research in perspective:

Policy Organizations

United States Agencies

Global Organizations

Empirical Data Sources

Statistical Databases & Tools

Data Sets

Academic Sources

Global Health Journals

Global Policy Journals

Books from the Catalog